AWS Sydney Summit

This conference focus was machine learning. There are some highlight points.

Install OpenCV on raspberry pi without monitor and keyboard

  1. install Raspbian without a mouse and a keyboard

Using URL Schemes to Communicate with Apps

You can use URL schemes to open other apps. If you want to share data with other apps, you can use a shared keychina.

Save to Apple Wallet

Adding a loyalty card to Apple wallet involves many steps. You need a server to provide Rest APIs for Apple wallet, and your server sends silent push notifications to devices.

Save to Android Pay

Adding a loyalty card to Android Pay is not straightforward at all. You need to follow some steps and ask help from Google Wallet tech support. You can save a loyalty card to Android Pay through an app or a website, but you only can update the card through Rest APIs. I list the steps what I have done.

React Native is not a sliver bullet

React Native (RN) is a good solution for some mobile apps, but it is not a sliver bullet for all mobile apps. Some may say they share 90% code between Android and iOS, but they do not mention some limitations of their apps. I think React Native is not good fit for small and medium teams because those companies do not have resources to overcome some caveats of React Native. The reasons are as the below.

Customize iOS share extension UI

It is common to extend SLComposeServiceViewController to build a share extension UI. If you prefer a different UI, you can follow the below steps.

Fix Jekyll 3 jekyll-pagenate issue

After Jekyll is upgraded to 3. Old Jekyll website may have the following issue when starting this website.

Use mitmproxy for iOS app network testing

mitmproxy is an interactive console program that lets developers monitor network traffic flow. It is very useful for iOS networking debugging and testing because you can inspect requests and responses of all network traffic on a real device or a simulator. I will list the steps to use this tool.

Advanced NSOperation

NSOperation and NSOperationQueue look simple. They usually are used to do some background operations. While they are very powerful, actually they can be used to do authentications, play video and show alerts. Furthermore, we can use NSOperation dependency to organize the whole logic in apps. This is an interesting new design pattern that Apple encourages.