Using URL Schemes to Communicate with Apps

You can use URL schemes to open other apps. If you want to share data with other apps, you can use a shared keychina.

To open other apps, you need to do these steps.

  1. You need to add a URL Typ in the project -> targets -> info. The identifier is the second app’s bundle identifier, and the URL Schemes is used for the second app to open the first app. The Role can be Editor.

  2. In the second app’s Info.plist, you need to add the below setting. The schema is the value you set in the first step.
  3. After you finish the steps above, you can use this code to open the first app from the second app. The schema value is from the first step.
        let app2Url: URL = URL(string: "schema://")!
         if UIApplication.shared.canOpenURL(app2Url) {
   , options: [:], completionHandler: { _ in

To share data between the first app and the second app, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Two apps must be in the same keychain group. You need to enable Keychina Sharing and add two apps to the same keychain group in project -> targets -> Capabilities.

  2. The easy way to write data to the shared keychain is to use UICKeyChainStore. For example,
      UICKeyChainStore.setString(ssoToken,forKey: "sso_token", service: "sharedService")
  3. You can get the data in the other app using code below:
       let ssoToken = UICKeyChainStore.string(forKey: "sso_token", service: "sharedService")