Fastlane study notes

###Fastlane study According to fastlane document, fastlane is a tool which can run your deployment pipelines for different environments. It can connect with other fastlane tools. Fastlane tools are listed below:

Add tags to Jekyll static website

We can put tags in posts, e.g. adding “tags: jekyll” in the header of each post. There are two ways to show tags on a static Jekyll website without any plugin.

Build a git server on a Ubuntu server

  1. Install open-ssh and create a git account

Forgot Android keystore alias password

  1. List Android keystore file alias

Machine Learning and NLP study resources

In this blog, some open course resources are listed. Those courses are taught by famous professors.

Android share menu

This blog shows how to create a share menu in an app.

Nodejs notes

This blog records some notes of studying Node.js.

Ghost blog setup tips

There are tips for setting up a ghost blog on a linux server. We can adjust the IP-address and port in config.js

iOS Notes

This blog is to record useful codes for iOS development.

Swift language notes

This blog would record my study notes of Swift language. All codes are tested on Xcode 6 - beta3 playgorund. Some are excerpt From: Apple Inc. “The Swift Programming Language.” iBooks.